WhistleOS for Employee Transporation

A Complete Employee Transportation Management Platform

WhistleOS helps in automating most of the processes involved in the Employee Transporation


Whistle Tech – What’s in it for you?

  • Smart Mobile Application
  • Live Tracking
  • Advanced Safety & Security
  • Ad-hoc Request feature
Client Admin Team
  • Eagle Eye View
  • Detailed Report & Billing
  • Cab Driver & Compliance
  • Ad-hoc Request feature
  • Mobile & Web Application
  • Ease of Fleet Management
  • Customized Reports & Billing
  • Mobile & Web Application
  • Ad-hoc Flow
  • Ease of Management
  • Ad-hoc Request feature
  • Easy to use Application
  • Transparent Trip Data
  • 24/7 Support & Safety
  • Automated Alert on Trips & Document Expiry

Ensuring Safety, Security and Support in every trip

Safety Features

Trip Tracking

Trip Communications

Making your employees' privacy a priority!

Number Masking

feature to avoid direct contact between driver & an employee

Data Masking

to limit ground ops and other teams accessing the employee details

Our platform assigns a Unique Identification Number for every employee using which the stakeholders can identify and communicate without the need for any further details.

Full Control over the Transport Operations, at all times!

Live Tracking

Customized Reports


Making it easy for the Ground Ops!

Trip Modifications

Trip Alerts & Monitoring

Uploading Cab & Driver Documents

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